This story was revised at 4:15 p.m., Jan. 20, 2011, to reflect that three people have registered as candidates for the job of Portland mayor.

PORTLAND — The man who led the effort to make the post of mayor in Portland popularly elected is now a candidate for the job.

Jed Rathband, who ran the committee that campaigned for the elected mayor, said he filed papers to register as a candidate today with the city’s elections officials. Two other candidates – Charles Bradgon and Zouhair Vouzrara – have also registered as candidates.

Candidates can’t start circulating petitions to get on the ballot until July 1, but the registration allows them to set up a candidate committee, start raising funds and take other steps to prepare for a race. Ballot petitions, which require a least 300 signatures, must be returned by Aug. 29.

In November, city voters decided to make the post of mayor a popularly elected position with a four-year term and a full-time salary. Up until that point, mayors – including the current officeholder, Nicholas Mavadones – were councilors, elected by their colleagues on the council for a one-year term in what’s considered a part-time position.

“I know what this job entails, I know its strengths and its limits,” Rathband said. “I assure you I will use the office effectively to further our shared goals of creating a more productive and vibrant community.”

Rathband said his inspiration to run came from conversations with voters while pushing for the charter change on the mayor’s office. He said voters told him a popularly elected mayor could do a better job managing the city and be more accountable to taxpayers.

Rathband lives in Bayside and has been a consultant on development projects. He is currently communications director for an energy efficiency organization.