Mojo Health Bar in South Portland is one part convenience store and one part health club, producing a one-stop shopping experience for busy people who wish to be good to their bodies.

Q: Sounds like Mojo Health Bar has a lot going on. Is it a coffee shop, bar or spa?

A: We’re pretty eclectic, really. I’ve been a licensed massage therapist for 15 years and formerly had a wellness center in San Francisco, offering different modalities of massage. But I didn’t have a coffee bar then and always felt that something was missing. So, when I moved to Maine (three years ago) and opened this business (last August), I included a coffee and smoothie bar with lounge area to give my customers a way to transition back into their work mode or regular life. I wanted to offer a healthier alternative to the things we all enjoy each day, like a good cup of coffee or a smoothie, a chat with a friend and being good to your body.

Q: Tell me about your beverage line.

A: Our coffee is all organic and our juices and smoothies are all made to order using fresh fruit. The smoothies are all dairy-free and made with soy, coconut or rice milk, that we steam. Though we do have whole and 2 percent milk or half-and-half available for those who request it for their smoothies and coffee or lattes. And, to the smoothies, we can also add nuts and granola, whey or hemp powders or high super fruit supplements like acai berry or wheat grass.

Q: What is wheat grass?

A: Wheat grass is a grain that looks like turf. We juice it in a high level grinder to make a super concentrated, bright green juice that is full of vitamins and has 82 different minerals. A single, 1-ounce shot glass of that is equivalent to eating 2 1/2 pounds of leafy green vegetables. And it’s a high amino acid, which means it’s a natural forming protein.

Q: You serve the supplements in shot glasses?

A: Yes. The whole idea was to create the atmosphere of a bar or lounge where people could come and hang out with friends and enjoy a drink. Only there is no alcohol and the drinks are healthy. We have teenage players, from sports teams who come in before a game to get one of our quick 15- or 30-minute massages, followed by a high protein shake. Then, sometimes, they’ll toast each other with a wheat grass shot. It’s actually quite cute. It’s a very modern environment, with a bar area, leather sofas, a big flat-screen television and tables for people to sit at and have a drink or something to eat.

Q: What kinds of food to you sell?

A: We offer two kinds of soup each day; available by the cup or bowl. And, we have baked goods like carrot muffins, cinnamon-walnut muffins, bagels, cookies and other dessert-type indulgences. About 75 percent of our baked goods are gluten-free and made by Bam Bam Bakery in Portland. But they are so good, I usually don’t bother advertising that they are gluten-free, because you can’t tell the difference.

Q: Why the big emphasis on selling gluten free products?

A: A lot of people have gluten allergies and can become very ill if they eat gluten-based foods. They develop symptoms like headaches or body aches, bloating and digestive issues. I’m not gluten intolerant but I do feel better when I eat gluten-free products; I just have more energy. One of our goals here is to promote making healthier life choices. We are starting to offer monthly health talks. This past week, we had a nutritionist come in to talk about boosting the body’s metabolism. We got a lot of positive feedback from that.

Q: What is the appeal of a smoothie?

A: They are a good, quick source of nutrition for busy people who tend to skip meals. And, they are a much healthier energy option than buying the bright blue slushy sold at a convenience store. Because they come in a liquid form, they are easier to digest and get those nutrients into the body. We offer standard flavor blends that are popular with our customers and we also offer a create-your-own-smoothie option. Right now, we’re offering a detox smoothie to start the new year off right.

Q: What is in that?

A: One whole peeled lemon, flax meal, pear or apple, a sprinkle of Stevia to slightly sweeten it, water and ice. It helps to detox your liver and provides fiber with good cleansing properties for your system.

Q: And, speaking of quick, tell me about the massages.

A: We offer 15-, 30- and 60-minute deep-tissue and Swedish-style massages by appointment or for walk-ins. Those range in price from $18 for 15 minutes to $75 for a full hour. A lot of people like to order a smoothie and grab a quick chair massage in our bar area while they wait. We also have a large, beautiful massage area with three rooms and a relaxing waiting area. We have four licensed massage therapists on staff. And, we also offer reflexology, hot stones and aromatherapy services that combine organic, pure-grade, essential oils with the massage. Even our bar staff are people who are educated or interested in fields of health and nutrition. We don’t claim to be nutrition experts but we do know our products and can speak about their nutritional benefits.

Q: What message do you hope your business will send?

A: That healthy options are available, even for those with busy schedules. Today’s society moves too fast. We don’t give our minds and bodies the time they need (to recharge) properly. It’s not that people can’t afford to take advantage of these things. It’s that they usually don’t have time to. The word, Mojo, to me, is about feeling good. So, everything we offer here is about having our customers walk away with the feel-good factor that they have done something good for themselves, whether it’s ordering a double espresso organic shot of coffee or a beet-carrot-ginger juice at the bar or grabbing a quick massage after a stressful day at the office or a recovery shake after a workout. A lot of people have been coming in lately for a quick massage after shoveling snow.