CINCINNATI – Old Spice’s suave, shirtless advertising star is taking a ride around the world in new commercials for the Procter & Gamble Co. brand.

In an indicator of the campaign’s popularity, there first is a 30-second “coming attractions”-type trailer that went online Wednesday, which takes you beyond former football player Isaiah Mustafa’s muscular torso — to his “striking brown eyes,” if he does say so himself.

In another effort to keep the buzz going for the YouTube hit, a yet-to-be-named “superfan” will get to debut the commercial on his or her own social network page or feed, sometime before Super Bowl Sunday.

The first of three commercials in the new promotion will start running on television Feb. 7, the day after the Super Bowl.

“We felt like we could build some excitement behind this latest launch, letting people know we’re bringing Isaiah back, and continue to reward our fans across social media,” said James Moorhead, brand manager for Old Spice, promoting a new collection of body washes, sprays and deodorants as a “scent vacation” that evokes exotic locales such as Komodo and Fiji (think “grass skirt”).

The first commercial a year ago with Mustafa, towel-clad in a shower and urging women to “Look at your man, now back at me,” has generated tens of millions of online views and a new catch-phrase: “I’m on a horse.”

The second campaign last summer included 186 related videos in which Mustafa responded personally to digital queries from users including Ellen DeGeneres and Alyssa Milano.