GORHAM — Customers who purchased kerosene contaminated with gasoline from a Gorham store have started returning it to get replacement fuel or a refund.

The Little Mart at the corner of Routes 237 and 202 announced Thursday that gasoline was added to a tank of kerosene, contaminating the tank. Gasoline is much more flammable than kerosene and if used in a heater or other device designed for kerosene could cause an explosion or fire.

There have been no reports of incidents associated with the contaminated fuel, authorities said.

The store determined that between 4 p.m. Tuesday, when the gasoline was added, and noon Thursday, when the problem was discovered, less than 300 gallons were sold in fewer than 50 separate purchases.

“Little Mart considers the safety of its customers and the general public as its top priority and will continue working with the local Fire Department to ensure appropriate actions are taken to resolve this situation,” said a statement from Tom Healey, of Nouria Energy Corp., the market’s parent company.

The store is offering full refunds or replacement fuel and has been taking back contaminated kerosene today. The tank and pump have been cleaned and the contents replaced with uncontaminated kerosene.

People with questions can contact the Gorham Fire Department at 839-5581.