Like Gov. LePage, I mostly ignore the editorials in The Portland Press Herald, but I read the editorial on Feb. 1 because I anticipated a strong response to his comments before the Associated General Contractors of Maine this past weekend. (“LePage’s newsphobia a conversation stopper”).

The line in the editorial that drew my attention the most was the line in which you wrote that you hope the governor hasn’t lost sight of the media’s crucial function of informing the public.

If he has, he certainly isn’t the first to have lost this sight.

The media themselves, whether print, radio or television, have lost sight of the function of informing the public and replaced this with the function of frightening the public by the sensationalism of nearly every event in our lives while completely ignoring other events that are important enough to be brought to the attention of the public.

I say this as we are looking down the barrel of the fifth “storm of the century” in as many weeks.

The media of today look at the world through one eye and don’t understand why everyone doesn’t agree with them.

If you were hurt by the governor’s comments (your words, not mine), then maybe you are in the wrong business.