Written in 1791, back when the guns available included a flintlock rifle that could fire one bullet every minute if you were a quick reloader, the Second Amendment is often quoted when gun regulations are discussed. I am a hunter, and appreciate that the right to bear arms has its place in a democratic society. However, George Fogg’s citing of the Second Amendment in his letter last week doesn’t justify lambasting a balanced and thoughtful letter from Bob Roffler.

By Fogg’s logic, I should be able to carry a nuclear weapon to the grocery store as a law-abiding, mentally stable citizen with no criminal record. To tone it down, should I be able to carry a Glock handgun with an exchangeable clip that allows me to fire 33 bullets in a matter of seconds? Concealed handguns such as the Glock do little to make any of us safer. A person’s present mental stability doesn’t guarantee his or her future sanity. I always enjoy hearing Fogg’s comments at Town Meeting, but I disagree with him here. There exists a balanced policy which will allow the Second Amendment to persevere while doing away with anyone’s right to carry a weapon capable of mass, indiscriminate destruction.

Dr. Steve Barr
North Yarmouth

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