SACO — City councilors are delaying any decisions regarding the old fire station on Thornton Avenue.

During a council workshop Monday night, councilors discussed the options for the building once the fire department moves to its new location on North Street.

Mayor Ron Michaud said the councilors are allowing another two to four weeks for Nate Libby’s Masonry and Saco Spirit to work together and develop a plan for the building. The masonry business and nonprofit economic development group were the only two responses the city received in a request for proposals last December.

There was also discussion to put the property on the market for a six-month period. Two commercial brokers estimated the market value of the fire station, one at just over $298,000 and the other at $395,000. The brokers estimated the market value the administrative building separately – one at $176,000, the other at $224,000. According to City Assessor Daniel Sanborn, the city has assessed the building and property at $498,100.

The fire department is expected to move to its new location on North Street in April. A grand opening celebration date has been set for April 30.

Michaud said he hopes a decision is made soon so the city does not have to maintain the building next winter.