READFIELD – Janet Orr has nothing left.

Her home is gone and her husband, Robert, is dead, apparently killed by someone the Orrs had tried to help.

Even their American bulldog, Beau, was being held by Massachusetts police Thursday as part of an investigation into a crime she has not begun to comprehend.

“We’re not clear about what really happened,” Orr said. “We were just helping out a pair of kids.”

David Silva Jr., 32, was arrested in Carver, Mass., on Thursday, one day after the home he rented from the Orrs burned to the ground. He is charged with murder, arson and robbery. Silva had been living with the Orrs for several weeks.

Lindsey Spence of Plymouth, Mass., who moved into the Orrs’ house with Silva, has not been charged, said Steve McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety, who was unsure of Spence’s whereabouts Thursday.

An autopsy done Thursday failed to confirm the identity of the body that was pulled from the rubble or the cause of death. But Janet Orr said she knew her husband had died when firefighters called her Wednesday morning.

“I talked to my husband at 8:30 (Tuesday night),” she said. “He had a really bad headache and was going to bed.”

A neighbor noticed the flames five hours later and called for help. Orr, a home care provider for a man in town, was at work when the fire broke out.

The Patriot-Ledger of Quincy, Mass., reported that a pickup truck registered to the Orrs was found Wednesday in a parking lot at Rexhame Beach in Marshfield, Mass., four hours south of Readfield and 30 minutes from Carver, Mass. An American bulldog was found beneath the truck. Silva was arrested a short time later.

Janet Orr said Carver is Silva’s hometown, and her husband’s.

Robert Orr’s sister, who lived with Robert and Janet until recently, asked several weeks ago if Spence and Silva could move in.

“They were friends of someone in the family,” Janet Orr said. “She asked if they could rent a room until they got on their feet.”

Robert’s sister moved out about a week after Spence and Silva moved in.

Spence worked for a pet groomer and had landed a few jobs since arriving in Readfield, Janet Orr said, but Silva failed to find work.

Robert Orr had a large collection of guns, none of which were found in the rubble, Janet Orr said. She believes the couple stole Robert’s truck and the dog.

Robert Orr was 53, four years younger than Janet, but he told everyone he was 60.

“He didn’t want to be younger than me,” she said. “He thought he looked good for 60, but not for 53.”