As I read the Jan. 30 column by Tony Payne, “We must bite the bullet and cut back Social Security, Medicare,” I grew angrier and angrier.

Mr. Payne must be one who is wealthy enough not to have to rely on Social Security. Even Rep. Paul Ryan, who Mr. Payne mentions in his article, doesn’t have to worry as he will get a healthy pension and health insurance paid for by us, the U.S. taxpayers.

Recipients of Social Security have not had an increase in two years, yet the cost of food, clothing, heating oil and gasoline have continued to rise steadily. It is a balancing act to keep ahead of these rising costs.

Payne and others want to raise the retirement age.

Have you gone to a grocery store lately or some other retail store or restaurant and seen the elderly working there when they should be able to be enjoying their retirement years but work to survive?

Maybe we should cut Social Security off for those folks who make over $50,000 a year in retirement.

Let’s raise the cap on Social Security so that income over $106,800 is taxed. But don’t cut the benefits for those of us who need it to live on.

As for Medicare, it always amazes me that people in power or who are wealthy want to see seniors’ medical coverage taken away from them.

Let’s get real, and know that this is a country that has prided itself on caring for its people.

We are losing that to the power and greed of the wealthy corporations who control Washington.