SACO — Jeff Christenbury, councilor for Ward 4, announced his candidacy for mayor on Saturday.

The mayoral election is not until November, but Christenbury said his early decision would allow him more time to speak with citizens about what they want for Saco. It also comes after Mayor Ron Michaud, who is serving his second term, said he would not run for reelection.

“I’ve been involved for lots of years,” Michaud said. “It’s nice to have new people get involved.”

Christenbury, 26, was elected to City Council in November 2009. In the past year, he worked on the Comprehensive Plan Committee representing the council.

“I have a keen sense of where Saco is headed,” from working on the comprehensive plan, he said. “I really think we need to realize we’re growing in a lot of different areas.”

A 2003 graduate of Thornton Academy, Christenbury earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism, with a minor in history, from Boston University. He returned to Saco after graduating from college and currently works at Thornton Academy as marketing associate and general manager of the academy’s television station.

“It’s a good time for myself to make the move up to the mayor’s spot and give a youthful voice to the citizens of Saco,” he said.

Residents will elect a mayor in November for a two-year term, City Administrator Richard Michaud said. There currently are no other official candidates.

A former mayor, Mark Johnston, said he is interested in running this fall, but has yet to officially announce his candidacy. Prior to Ron Michaud, Johnston served seven terms as mayor.