Ashley Hebert has been dating in front of a national TV audience for nearly two months on the reality show “The Bachelor.”

Next week she’ll be seen doing something much more challenging: introducing her reality TV beau to her parents, her friends and her entire hometown of Madawaska.

Hebert, 26, survived Monday’s episode of ABC’s “The Bachelor” and is now one of four women left, out of 30 who began the season Jan. 3.

All of the women who made it to the final four got to take bachelor Brad Womack to their hometowns. The trips, filmed last fall, will air next Monday.

Madawaska, a paper mill town on the Canadian border with a strong French heritage, is farther afield geographically and culturally than the other hometowns the bachelor will be seen visiting next week: Charlotte, N.C.; Mercer Island, Wash. (near Seattle); and Chico, Calif. (north of Sacramento).

Though Hebert is from Madawaska, she is now living in Philadelphia, studying dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania. She’s also a dance instructor.

During Monday’s episode, filmed on the Caribbean island of Anguilla, Hebert and two other contestants were seen posing in bikinis on the beach for a Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot.

The event was one of the show’s staged “group dates.”

Hebert used her dance expertise in posing, and at one point took her top off and covered up with seashells.

She also was seen looking pretty steamed when Womack posed with another woman, rolling in the sand and kissing her.

Later, at a pool, she complained to Womack that seeing him kiss another woman made her feel like “the kid sister.”

“I felt so disconnected, like what am I even doing here?” she asked Womack.

He assured her that he “loves” her personality and that he “cared” about her.

Womack showed it later in the episode by giving her a rose and asking to meet her family.

The season finale will air March 14. At that point, Womack is tentatively scheduled to propose to somebody.

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