When a proposal is made, there are a few conclusions that need to be drawn. Do the benefits outweigh the risks? Does the issue require prompt attention, or can it be set aside? And, finally, will the results benefit those affected? As a citizen of Freeport, I can assure you that the Freeport Field Project meets all the above criteria.

Freeport is faced with two athletic proposals from which it would immediately benefit. The first is the aforementioned $3.5 million proposal, which would result in development of a multi-field complex on Pownal Road. The second is the building of a turf field and running track at the high school, priced around $2.5 million. As a community with a deficiency in both field space and quality of athletic facilities, Freeport could use both.

I would love nothing more for both these projects to be passed simultaneously. As a competitive runner, I would certainly use the track. However, the first plan is perishable. If we fail to take advantage of this opportunity, it will dissipate. The first project is “shovel-ready;” the second is being planned. If rejected, we will have shamefully passed up the opportunity to create a complex that would rival the likes of Twin Brook in Cumberland. This would be a travesty.

I recognize that the investment is substantial. I understand the skepticism. However, this plan would be an investment in our future, one we would reap benefits from for years to come.

Henry Loughlin

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