No matter where the money comes from, the sale of buildings and land, fundraisers, or more taxes, Falmouth’s library and community center remain a $6 million-plus project. The numbers bandied about for the last year or so are so ridiculous for this project they don’t have a shred of credibility.

I’ll take a different approach. First we’ll buy 1,000 e-readers for the current library for $145,000. Then we’ll buy 15,000 new books on the e-readers for $150,000. For less than $300,000 we have the equivalent of an entire new library with the latest books.

For the community center the town can pay Foreside Fitness $500,000 once and Falmouth residents can join for $10 a month. Total cost would be only $800,000, not $6.5 million.

Or if we’re hell bent to spend a lot of money, we can buy everyone in Falmouth an e-reader for just under $1.8 million then allow every household (4,300 of them) $100 worth of e-books a year for $430,000 cost a year to the town. So for only $2.23 million up front and $430,000 a year forever we can do away with the library completely.

Does this make more sense than what our Town Council has come up with? Absolutely, just go online and watch the meeting held on Feb. 28.

Michael Doyle