A uniformed Maine State Police trooper is now posted outside the governor’s office, in response to a changing political climate, a spokeswoman for Gov. Paul LePage said Thursday.

“With everything going on in the nation now, it’s a level of security we feel is appropriate,” Adrienne Bennett said.

Bennett said there has been no increase in threats to the governor beyond what has been reported. Last month, a Bangor man admitted in court to writing a letter threatening to kill LePage, according to the Bangor Daily News.

Bennett said the shooting of Arizona’s U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has increased the concern for the safety of public officials. “There’s been a change in people’s interest in the political process,” she said.

Bennett said the trooper, who sits behind a lectern with the state police seal just outside the entrance to the governor’s office, is on duty at least “for the time being.”

The uniformed trooper is in addition to plainclothes officers who are assigned to protect the governor on a daily basis.

On Wednesday, members of the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee asked Public Safety Commissioner John Morris about the increased security. They are scheduled to discuss it again at a future work session.