His parents originally called him Carlos. The TV-watching public has taken to calling him “train wreck,” “lunatic” or “celebrity circling the drain.”

Whatever you call him, Charlie Sheen has been downright entertaining lately. Sheen’s seemingly unhinged behavior could be a depressing delusion or a well-planned ploy. But people can’t get enough of the “Winning.”

On Friday, 51 Wharf will host a “That’s How I Roll” Charlie Sheen Party to honor the former-actor-turned-warlock starting at 9 p.m. The event includes go-go goddesses, a Charlie Sheen look-alike contest and Charlie Sheen movies being shown on the projector. And to take it to the ultimate Charlie Sheen level: Tiger blood shots. They’re made from the same stuff running through Charlie Sheen’s veins (i.e., alcohol and heaven knows what else).

It’s a time to celebrate Charlie Sheen (or, more accurately, to shake your head in dismayed bewilderment). Because you’re either in Sheen’s corner or “you’re with the trolls.”