AUGUSTA — Gov. Paul LePage’s office plans to announce what will happen to the state Labor Department’s murals in a couple of hours, his spokeswoman said.

Adrienne Bennett said several individuals and organizations have expressed interest in the murals, which depict key moments in the state’s labor history. LePage ordered the murals removed because they might suggest to visitors to the department that the state would not be evenhanded in its treatment of employers and labor groups.

LePage also ordered conference rooms, named after labor leaders, renamed. He suggested the murals could be sent to a museum.

Bennett said state Rep. Ben Chipman, I-Portland, was among those who expressed an interest in the murals. She declined to say where Chipman wanted the murals installed, but city officials said they’ve heard rumors, so far unconfirmed, that they could be bound for Portland City Hall.

Bennett said details about the removal of the murals, including how to cover the cost of taking them down, moving and re-installing them would be covered in the announcement scheduled for 1:30 p.m.