AUGUSTA – Supporters of the law designed to identify and potentially ban certain chemicals found in toys and other products children come in contact with are gathering at the State House today to oppose a proposal they say would weaken current law.

The measure, L.D. 1129, is sponsored by state Rep. Jim Hamper, R-Oxford, would further limit the products impacted by the Kids Safe Product Act and establish a minimum threshold for acceptable amounts of banned chemicals. Lobbyists for the toy and chemical industry support the legislation, which they say will create more certainty for businesses.

The Environment and Natural Resources Committee is holding a public hearing on Hamper’s bill and a Democratically-sponsored proposal, supported by environmentalists, to adjust the current law this afternoon.

The Kids Safe Product Act was enacted in 2008 and set up the process for the bisphenol A, or BPA, ban in sippy cups, baby bottles and other kids’ products that was unanimously approved by the committee last Friday.