“It’s an unfortunate part of the college coaching business that people on the outside really have very little idea of the challenges facing programs and coaches on the inside.”

Tim Whitehead, Maine hockey coach


“… I don’t know when the last time someone was (fired). A lot of coaches have left here for various reasons. This one is a directive.”

Jack Cosgrove, UMaine football coach


“In all my conversations with Cindy I know she worked her hardest to improve that program. Her effort was there. That’s all you can ask for.”

Paul Vachon, former Cony coach

“I don’t want to look like I’m against Cindy. But I was concerned about 4-25. If anything I would say it’s time for a change.”

Jim Nevins, UMaine fan, Manchester, Maine


“She followed a pair of coaches who weren’t there very long and didn’t leave her with very much. This was going to be more than a two-, three-, four-year process.”

Bruce Cooper, Blodgett’s high school coach at Lawrence


“At any place, you’re a slave to your players. Bottom line is talent wins. She never got that key recruit like she was at Maine.”

Gordon Hartwell, former Valley High coach