I was shocked to read Sara Burns’ March 23 Maine Voices column (“Mainers should expect better from public advocate’s office”). She must be getting thin-skinned to dish out such a lashing to a public servant.

I believe CMP has reason to be so paranoid. How can CMP brag about a J.D. Powers Award the same year Maine’s Public Utilities Commission fined CMP $4 million — yes, $4 million — due to exceeding the number of customer complaints allowed under an agreement with the Public Utilities Commission.

It would seem that a lot of CMP customers are unhappy — quite the opposite of Ms. Burns’ letter.

What about the letter to the editor in The Portland Press Herald recently stating that CMP should be called “Can’t Maintain Power?”

I have a multitude of neighbors in Kennebunk Lower Village who would certainly agree with that! There have been numerous articles written about CMP hiring outside contractors to perform tree trimming — ordered by the Public Utilities Commission after CMP fired their own in-house tree trimming staff, and had not been properly maintaining their lines.

It seems fair to me to add the growing list of those concerned about “smart meters” to the long list of unhappy, captive customers.

I believe the Office of the Public Advocate is doing just what it is designed to do and does so well — support the people who live in Maine and give them a voice when they have a legitimate problem with “Big Business.”


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