Gov. LePage’s contempt for much of the population that differs from his point of view, is at once alarming and quite disturbing. A litmus test for any public servant that wants to lead and serve the common good should be love and tolerance for others. What we have here in Maine, is a governor that squeaked into office, by default. The electorate was split on the Democrat and Independent side. Big mistake. Now we are left with four years of damage control and division between the people. Great. That said, the Republican governor should learn a little something about humility and not bully the people of the wonderful state of Maine. Sure, there is a bunch that believe more power to him, but that is not the vast population. Include us all, governor. Like it or not, you represent all walks of life. This should not turn out to be a rumble in the fifth-grade school yard. You are not some third-world dictator. Are you?

Zoo Cain
South Portland

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