Members of the Maine People’s Alliance and the liberal advocacy group protested at Bank of America branches today, criticizing the global financial institution for paying no federal taxes.

“The real problem facing the federal budget is that corporations like Bank of America are avoiding the taxes that the rest of us are paying that are due today,” Genevieve Lysen, lead organizer of the alliance, said in a news release. “Tax loopholes, bailouts, subsidies and offshore tax havens have allowed nearly two-thirds of US corporations to avoid paying income tax.”

Bank of Amerrica, the nation’s largest bank and fifth largest corporation, spent $11 million on campaign contributions and $24 million on lobbying, protest organizers said. The bank also received $2.3 billion in government assistance in 2009 while making $4.4 billion in profits, organizers said.

Protesters stood in front of the Bank of America offices at One City Center in Portland and planned to deliver mock tax bills at branches on outer Congress Street in Portland and Court Street in Auburn at lunchtime.

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