ALFRED — A judge has decided that the aggravated assault conviction against Gary Traynham should stand.

Traynham is the Kennebunk man who triggered Maine’s first Amber Alert when he fled the state with his 2-year-old daughter in November 2009. He was convicted last month of aggravated assault and criminal restraint.

Traynham’s lawyer, Amy Fairfield, argued earlier this week that his actions did not rise to the level of aggravated assault and that the conviction should be thrown out.

Justice G. Arthur Brennan issued his decision late Thursday, according to Assistant District Attorney Thad West. West said the result was expected but that he was still pleased.

Traynham was charged with gross sexual assault in the violent encounter he had with his ex-girlfriend in Sanford before he took their daughter to New Hampshire. The jury was hung on that charge and on a burglary charge.