What social networking app is your favorite?

“Facebook for iPhone & friendly for iPad. The friendly for iPad has multiple logins so the whole family can use it without having to log out the previous user. You just tap your profile pic and it goes to your account.” – Facebook user Kevin A. McLane

“I use the iPhone included Facebook app when I go on FB, and pretty much echofon exclusively for Twitter. =P” – Twitter user PerkyShadowGirl

“FaceDekk for iPhone is my fave Facebook app b/c I can manage multiple MGH accounts at the SAME TIME <– it’s awesome #facedekk and I also use FaceDekk on my iPad of course, but I carry my phone around more #FaceDekk” – Twitter user MEGhostHunters

OBVIOUSLY the most used social networking apps will be for the biggest networking websites on the planet. Facebook is so popular it inspired an  Oscar-winning movie. The iPhone and several smart phones come equipped with Facebook right off the bat. All you have to do is save your sign in. You can customize your app with what notifications you want to be updated directly through your phone, and do typical things like send messages, update status, read your friends page, etc. FaceDekk is a specific app that allows you to manage more than one Facebook account at the same time.

“Twitter. I don’t have a fb, and foursquare seems designed by stalkers.” – Twitter user Halofyre

“Fav social apps in order: @beerby @twitter @foursquare”– Twitter user Sorepheet

“Twitter: Tweetbot for iPhone” – Twitter user WithaPassion

THE MOST POPULAR networking platform other than Facebook right now is Twitter. Most phones come equipped with it. Twitter is a program that allows you to write short updates about your life for your followers. You can also add other people and read all about their lives on your feed. Twitter is fun for keeping up with friends, but also popular due to the huge amount of celebrities who joined and update about what they’re doing. They use it for marketing about their shows and projects, and it makes their followers feel like a part of their life. You can also use it to follow news organizations (like us!) and get all the up-to-date news both local and national. Tweetbot is primarily for the iPhone for $1.99 and has many more customizable options for Twitter users.

BEERBY is an app for beer fans. When you drink, you plug in the name of your beer and it stores the information on your account. You can share with your friends, recommend beers, and earn badges. Similarly, FourSquare is an app used to inform your friends and colleagues where you are. You ‘check in’ to locations (typically restaurants and bars), and can see who else is currently at the same place. Both Beerby and FourSquare are available for free on iTunes and the Android store.

“Take a picture of your food and then it tells you whether it is healthy or not, how many calories and what would be a better choice… :)” – Facebook user Diana Jean

“The iphone is awesome because it tracks your every move and stores it in their system so they can spy on you…CREEPY.” – Facebook user Brian Lee