SEBAGO — The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office says a deputy used a Taser on a man Wednesday night after he became increasingly aggressive, but the man disputes its version of events and says authorities overreacted.

Authorities say 48-year-old Victor Berge pulled the probes out of his chest and continued to challenge the deputies, who were responding to a domestic violence call. Sgts. Josh Potvin and David Hall grabbed Berge and placed him under arrest after a brief struggle, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The deputies went to 884 Peabody Pond Road to check on a 911 hang-up call. On their way, they learned that a woman had reported that her husband, Berge, was intoxicated, threatening suicide and had fired a gun inside the home. Berge was allegedly refusing to allow his wife and their 5-year-old daughter to leave their home.

Soon after the deputies arrived, Victor Berge came out of the home and refused to submit to arrest, according to the Sheriff’s Office. The office said the deputies didn’t know whether he was armed at the time and that his aggressive behavior continued to escalate. Potvin used his Taser on Berge.

Berge, reached after he was released from the Cumberland County Jail, said he had accidentally discharged a weapon while putting it away. He said his wife called back to explain what happened and that the dispatcher told him that deputies were on their way and wanted to talk to him. Berge denied being intoxicated or suicidal.

Berge said the dispatcher told him to go outside. Berge said he did not see the deputies or hear them. He said that he suffers from hearing loss and that the rain was making a lot of noise on the metal roof of his house.

Berge said a light was suddenly shining into his face and he was hit with the Taser.

“It’s like you’re being hit by a baseball bat, but you don’t know what happened. It was dark. I never saw a cop or a Taser,” he said.

Berge said he did not pull the Taser probes out and they were removed by EMS technicians.

Berge said he could not talk about everything that took place that night. He said he has talked to a lawyer and that more details will come out in court.

The Sheriff’s Office said deputies found several firearms in various locations inside the residence in what appeared to be anticipation of a possible stand-off and shootout with deputies. Berge said there are four firearms around the house, including one by the bed and one above a door. He said that they are there, in part, because his wife wants to feel protected while he is traveling for work.

Berge was charged with reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon, domestic violence terrorizing and refusing to submit to arrest and detention. He was released on $2,500 cash bail.