Columnist Ron Bancroft really misses the point when he blames the Legislature’s performance on size (“Too many unserious bills show need for legislative reform” May 3).

The size is good just the way it is. Cost-wise it is the fifth most efficient in the nation, according to National Conference of State Legislatures statistics.

The assertion that “all legislators are encouraged to submit their ideas, longings and whims, however wacky” is misleading. We voted for our representatives so they would do just that — represent their constituents’ ideas — however “wacky.”

Most legislators are too busy to take on more work. A very few are too lazy. No comment on how many may be wacky — but compared to what? Journalists?

I agree that “committees do not get the time they need to fully debate” but that is the result of a poor process and not of an excess of legislators.

We need more legislative staff who can do all the research that should be done. Until then, we make do — or pay for an ineffective “study.”


I take a different view on fixing the legislative process that was established by Maine’s founders.

It does not allow the Legislature to do its job well. It does need to be changed. All we need is someone’s wacky idea on how to actually do that.

Maybe Mr. Bancroft would sit down with some of us process-minded policy geeks and help put some meat on that wacky idea bone.


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