I found it interesting that a letter about unflattering photos of Gov. LePage and a story about the latest poll results appeared in the same edition of the Maine Sunday Telegram (“National spotlight a glaring concern,” May 8). The two go hand-in-hand quite naturally.

I also find the editorial on the poll quite off the mark, but then you are entitled to your view and I support that. The position taken by the paper is not surprising and even expected, but I find the poll really told us nothing. Here is why:

LePage won the election with a bit under 40 percent of the vote. The poll was reportedly split about evenly between Republicans, Democrats and independents (33 percent each).

The third who are Democrats will always say LePage is doing a bad to very bad job. He could fix the economy, balance the budget, we could have 100 percent employment, he could cure cancer and walk on water, but this group would grouse about it and say he has harmed the state and done a bad job.

The second third, the independents who did not vote for LePage, will also likely find everything he does unworthy of positive recognition, rating his results as poor to bad. Some in this group could eventually give him some positive credit if he accomplishes all of the above listed items.

So what do we have? About 55 percent to 65 percent of those polled will find fault with all or most of what Le-Page does, no matter what it is, and will always say he is doing a poor to bad job.

It really does not matter what this governor does. He will never be liked, trusted or given credit for any accomplishments by a large percentage of those polled or, for that matter, by the Press Herald/Sunday Telegram/Bill Nemitz.

The poll was meaningless, and your editorial shows you fell for it.