LOS ANGELES — He’s one of the most famous people on the planet, a two-term governor of California, a movie star and a former world champion bodybuilder with a profile so huge that just one name, Arnold, instantly identifies him to almost everyone.

Yet somehow, for more than a decade, Arnold Schwarzenegger managed to keep an incredible secret from the public and his wife, prominent former TV journalist and Kennedy heiress Maria Shriver: that he fathered a child with a woman on his household staff more than a decade ago.

The revelation came Tuesday, just a week after the couple announced they had separated.

“I understand and deserve the feelings of anger and disappointment among my friends and family,” Schwarzenegger wrote in a statement. “There are no excuses and I take full responsibility for the hurt I have caused. I have apologized to Maria, my children and my family. I am truly sorry.”

He said the child was born “over a decade ago” — before he began his seven-year stint as governor. The Los Angeles Times reported that the aide had worked for the family for 20 years and retired in January.

CNN anchor comes out of closet in book

NEW YORK — CNN anchor Don Lemon has come out as a gay man in his new book.

While Lemon’s memoir, titled “Transparent,” also covers his journalism career, he’s prepared for much of the reaction to focus on more personal matters, which include growing up without a father and his revelation that he was sexually abused as a child.

In his book, the 45-year-old Lemon writes of having lived with “dark, ugly secrets” that took him years to bring into the light.

First lady is pregnant, Sarkozy’s father says

PARIS — The expectant granddad has spilled the beans: Nicolas Sarkozy’s father told Germany’s top-selling Bild newspaper that France’s model-turned-singer first lady is pregnant.

And one of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s predecessors says it’s a good thing.

“It’s wonderful news to see this baby coming. It’s a chance for France, absolutely,” Bernadette Chirac, wife of ex-French President Jacques Chirac, told reporters in Paris on Tuesday at an event for a literacy foundation hosted by Bruni-Sarkozy.

“And a birth, it’s a wonderful event for a family, the arrival of a child. There is nothing nicer. A baby at the Elysee (presidential palace), yes. It’s wonderful for them and for all the French people,” Chirac said.