The above video is among six posted on a YouTube channel by ‘urgodsproblembaby.’ The channel includes a video of the book authored by Julianne McCrery, and has other videos of a boy referred to as ‘Camden’ who resembles the boy whose body was found in South Berwick.

5:50 p.m.

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office today took control of the case of the young boy found dead near a dirt road in South Berwick over the weekend.

Authorities did not identify the woman taken into custody earlier in the day or her relationship with the boy. Maine State Police said they have identified the boy and are trying to contact his family before releasing the information publicly.

Massachusetts State Police took custody of the woman at an Interstate 495 rest stop in Chelmsford, Mass., this morning, four days after the boy’s body was discovered. Someone alerted police after seeing her in a pickup truck that matched the description of one spotted in South Berwick on Saturday morning.

The woman was taken to Massachusetts State Police barracks in Concord, where the media gathered in anticipation of the release of information about the woman.

But state police spokesman David Procopio said that a development in the investigation led to the transfer of the case to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office. Procopio would not specify the reason.

Procopio said New Hampshire’s very strict code of judicial ethics limits what type of information can be released. That office told him that they do not expect further developments before Thursday morning.
“Investigators are in possession of a great deal of information that we cannot share with you,” he said.

Procopio said that at some point during the interview of the woman, a determination was made that a medical evaluation would be appropriate. He would not elaborate other than to say that she was not suffering from a critical medical problem like a heart attack. She was taken to a local hospital.

WBZ, the CBS affiliate in Boston, reported that the boy’s mother, Juli McCrery, of Irving, Texas, was the one taken into custody and that the boy is her son, Camden Pierce Hughes.

McCrery also has an older son, Ian McCrery, from a marriage that ended in 2003. Ian McCrery’s father, Paul McCrery, told the Fort Worth (Texas) Business Press Wednesday that he spoke regularly with Camden Hughes.

“He was a very happy boy,” Paul McCrery said. “It’s a terrible thing that happened, but I don’t know anything about it.”

He said his major concern was his son, Ian, who is in the Navy. “If (Juli) confesses, (Ian) has lost two family members, and I would be all that he has left,” McCrery said.

Maine State Police would not comment on the accuracy of reports that the boy is Camden
Hughes and that his mother is in custody.

Maine authorities say that while the case has been handed over to New Hampshire prosecutors, the Maine medical examiner will still be in charge of confirming the boy’s identity because his body was found in Maine.

The involvement of New Hampshire prosecutors suggests that any crime that was committed must have happened in that state. The Attorney General’s Office typically prosecutes the most serious crimes, like murder and manslaughter, though the woman being interviewed in Massachusetts in connection with the boy’s death has not been charged.