Maine suffers from an embarrassment of riches when it comes to hearty Americana-roots music.

Maybe there’s something about a craggy, unforgiving coastline that makes for particularly grounded songwriting, but there always seems to be authentic local talents raising the bar of what this simple craft is capable of.

Enter young pop-folk dynamos This Way, whose latest CD, “Goodbye Forever,” colors soaring radio pop with rolling-hills accordion, harmonica and mandolin.

“Goodbye Forever” is more fun when rambling forward at a steady clip, as on the calypso-flecked barnstomp “Take It All (Or Leave It All Behind).” With lusty, sweeping vocals and a spritely walk-along bass, the tune roars with purpose, ever so slightly unhinged. So too on the bouncy, windows-down tribute “New York City.” The band sounds loose and easy, and deserves to — they beckon to the dance floor with the best of them.

There are moments, though, when the yearning feels forced, as on the clunker ballad “The Reigning Blues.” A would-be playful duet instead drags its feet with bleached lyrics vaguely involving beauty and magic.

The payoff coda is thus a little underwhelming, like the pie’s got all the right berries — it just tastes a little funny coming out of the oven.

While occasionally watered-down lyrics don’t do This Way any harm necessarily, more risk taking would make the exciting quintet more remarkable. Being the feel-good, high-fiving country troupe is candy for these talented players.

It would be quite a thing to witness if the group could take the leap, purge the platitudes and get a little weird, a la “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.” Here’s betting astonished fans would gladly follow the group any which way they chose.

Mike Olcott is a freelance writer who lives in Portland and Boston.