What phone do you have and do you like it?

One of the things all of these answers had in common was that the majority of people are embracing the smartphone revolution. Smartphones give their users the ability to get incoming and outgoing calls, what the original telephone was all about, but now they’ve added texting, Internet use, applications, and cameras. Smartphones are basically small portable computers. They have operating systems with advanced software, and it seems like every year companies adapt them for what users want. Touch screen? You got it. Phones so small it barely fits in your hand? Done. Address books, calculators, video recording, weather reports, GPS systems, games, special ringtones, all this and more is provided for phone users. 

In fact, one of the only real problems with smartphones is figuring out which one to get. Droid, iPhone, Blackberry, or a dozen other options out there. More are made every year. Then the question is what service to choose. Last week, we had contributors talk about their service and give advice based on their experience.

One problem might be the expense. You pay more to get more. If all you want is a phone with an address book, there are models still out there without all the bells and whistles. Smartphones might be more expensive, but having all that power at your fingertips can be very attractive for people, especially if they are already on the go. Don’t believe us? Hear what our Facebook and Twitter followers had to say! 

“Boost Mobile. I like it just fine because it is just a phone and a nationwide walkie-talkie. I have no desire to put all of my device needs into one device. As is, if my phone breaks (or gets lost) I still have a camera and I still have a Wi-Fi Internet device (an iPod Touch.)” — Facebook follower Michael Eric Berube 

“A Walmart Straight Talk phone. I pay 30 bucks a month for 1000 minutes and 1000 texts. It’s all I need. I use Internet at home not on my phone so why bother paying 100 bucks a month for all those extras I don’t need. This plan is 30 dollars a month and works for me. For 45 it’s unlimited minutes and texts.” — Facebook follower Amanda Rae 

“Blackberry Bold and I love it I beat the snot out of it. And it just keeps coming back for more.” — Facebook user Seth E. Mclain 

“A Blackberry and I love it!!” — Facebook follower Lisabeth Dana Caroline Donnell 

“BlackBerry Bold. Mixed feelings. Not at all happy with support from Verizon.” — Facebook follower Sara Sammetinger Hammond 

“Blackberry Curve 8530 and I loves it.” — Twitter user LupineShadows 

“Team Droid X. <3” — Facebook follower David Merritt 

“Motorola Droid2 and it’s a keeper.” — Twitter follower PoorPilgrim 

“A Motorola Droid. used to love it but it suddenly has connectivity issues, freezes, loses connection. very annoying!” — Twitter follower NWFCarol 

“iPhone 3GS. Used to have a Blackberry, iPhone was always what I wanted. Am waiting to upgrade to i4.” — Twitter follower PerkyShadowGirl 

“HTC Incredible, and I wont replace it until htc releases a dual core model with a front facing camera on verizon.” — Twitter follower GroundResonance 

“iPhone. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” — Facebook follower Frank Carroll 

“iPhone. Nothing better!!!” — Facebook follower Chrissy Gooch Bruns 

“iPhone 4 rocks!” — Facebook follower Sean Janne 

“iPhone 3GS. I’ve grown rather attached to it, and it fits in my shirt pocket more comfortably than the 4.” — Twitter follower PaulfMoss 

“iPhone 3Gs I <3 it!!!” –Twitter follower SorePheet 

“iPhone 4. Love it.” — Twitter follower WithAPassion