More expensive trash bags, reduced library hours and no summer camp scholarships for children from low-income families would be some of the effects of budget adjustments approved last week by the Windham Town Council’s Finance Committee.

A public hearing on the proposed $14 million municipal budget, which wouldn’t raise the town’s tax rate, is scheduled for 7 tonight at Town Hall.

The council will vote whether to approve the 2011-2012 budget on Thursday.

The Finance Committee recommended cutting about $200,000 from Town Manager Tony Plante’s proposed budget, which would have raised the tax rate by 15 cents.

Even if the proposed municipal budget passes, Windham residents are still facing a tax increase due to Regional School Unit 14’s proposed $38 million budget.

A $107,500 reduction in funding for road improvements was the largest cut recommended by the committee.

The committee also adjusted some revenue projections, based on information received from the state since Plante first brought forward his budget. The adjustments included an estimated $125,000 increase in revenue sharing.

Another gain in revenue could come from an increase in the cost of trash bags.

The committee recommended raising the cost of a small bag from $1.25 to $1.35 and a large bag from $2.50 to $2.70.

Plante said that would be the second increase in trash-bag costs since the start of the pay-as-you-throw program in 2001.

The committee recommended cutting $10,250 for scholarships to the summer camp run by the town’s recreation department.

Parks and Recreation Director Brian Ross said about a dozen children benefit each year from the scholarship program.

A proposed reduction in hours for part-time library employees would save $20,000 and force the library to close on Friday and Saturday afternoons, said Windham Public Library Director Inese Gruber.

Gruber said she reminded the committee that libraries are typically busiest in bad economic times.

“I’d hate to see it happen,” she said of the cut.

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