HALLOWELL – Police are looking for three men, including the tenant of an apartment that was robbed Saturday night.

Police Chief Eric Nason said an engaged couple called to report an armed robbery at a Second Street apartment at about 8 p.m. Saturday.

They said they were visiting the tenant when two men, with bandannas covering their faces, entered the apartment through an unlocked door. One of the intruders had a handgun and the other some type of stun gun, they told police.

Nason said the two men demanded jewelry and cash. He said the woman turned over her engagement ring and the couple also turned over some cash. Nason said police aren’t disclosing the amount of cash that was taken and said nothing else was taken from the apartment.

The men then used the stun gun a couple of times on the male visitor and also hit him with the butt end of the handgun, then they ran off. The man the couple had been visiting – the tenant of the apartment – also left the apartment immediately and drove off, Nason said. Police have been unable to locate him since Saturday night, he said.

The victim suffered minor cuts and bruises, Nason said.

The tenant, Nason said, has two outstanding warrants – one for failing to pay a fine for a disorderly conduct charge and another for a drug violation. Nason declined to identify the tenant.

He said police do not believe the robbery was random and are looking into the possibility that the victims and suspects knew each other.