Ashley Hebert may not have the best taste in men.

On Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” Hebert was seen giving a rose – and her affections – to the one man on the show who confessed to having no real romantic interest in her.

Hebert said on last week’s episode that she had been warned about the man before filming. A woman who had been a contestant with her on ABC’s companion show, “The Bachelor,” told Hebert the man was coming on the show just to promote his business.

Even so, the Madawaska native saw something she liked in Bentley – no last names are used on the show – and was seen kissing him passionately. At least it looked passionate.

“It started out good but it sucked toward the end,” Bentley said to the camera, speaking of the make-out session.

“She’s not my type. She’s got a great body, an amazing butt,” said Bentley, who had part of his comments bleeped out. “That’s the extent of my interest.”

But on camera, he seemed interested in Hebert enough to make her fall for him.

“I’ve seen such sincerity in him. He could be the one for me,” Hebert told the camera.

Hebert gave Bentley a rose – the show’s symbolic way of showing a contestant is protected until the next episode. So he’ll be around to create more drama on at least one more show.

Hebert, 27, a recently graduated dental student, became the star of “The Bachelorette” after placing third as one of the contestants on “The Bachelor” earlier this year. “The Bachelorette” was filmed over the past three months and will air into early August.

The goal is for Hebert to get to know 25 handsome, eligible bachelors, and gradually pick the one who might make the best husband for her. At the end of each episode, she’s seen sending at least one man home.

Monday night’s episode began with Hebert having her first “one on one” date of the season in Las Vegas with a cellphone salesman from Ohio named William. Hebert took William to one of Las Vegas’ famous wedding chapels.

“At the end of this journey I’m hoping to go to the altar, but I’m not sure William’s ready so I’m going to put him to the test,” Hebert said into the camera.

“To me it’s a joke, that’s what I kept thinking,” William said to the camera. “But Ashley’s definitely the kind of girl any guy would love to marry.”

So when a minister asked William if he would take Hebert, he said he would. But Hebert relented, saying “I still have 17 other guys to consider.”

But the two did bond over a romantic dinner. At the end of the date they kissed.

Hebert also had a romantic date with Mickey, an Ohio chef who talked about the death of his mother. The two were serenaded by singer Colbie Caillat and were seen kissing on a faux beach in Las Vegas.

On a group date with 12 men, Hebert got to perform on stage in Las Vegas with the dance troupe Jabbawockeez. Afterward, Hebert said she felt “like the luckiest girl in the world.”

At the start of Monday’s episode, 18 men were competing for Hebert. By the end of the two-hour show, she had narrowed the field to 15.

Before she sent three men home near the end of the episode, she told the group, “I think my husband is standing in this room.”


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