By now we have a pretty good idea what kind of budget won’t pass. The House Republicans’ budget, which would privatize Medicare and turn Medicaid over to the states, cannot pass the Senate with all Democrats and four Republicans (including Maine’s Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins) voting no.

President Obama’s budget, which raises taxes while cutting spending, is a nonstarter in Congress as well.

While both sides showed that they could work together in April to avoid a government shutdown, that does not necessarily translate into cooperation as Congress contemplates an even more terrifying outcome – which is what could result from failing to increase the federal debt ceiling.

Both parties appear to be solidifying the issues on which they’d like to run next year. But any incumbent who plans to wait that long without any results to show for the last two years should be ready to meet some angry voters.

A recent USA Today/Gallup Poll showed that more than 60 percent of voters believe that most members of Congress should be shown the door. And less than 30 percent say that most members deserve another term.

Despite their majority in the House, Republican voters were more dissatisfied than Democrats. While 36 percent of Democrats said that most members should get another term, just 26 percent of Republicans agreed.

More than two-thirds of independents said they were ready to see some new faces in Washington.

It’s not hard to figure out why. With unemployment still high and economic growth slow, it’s hard to feel good about the people who are running the government. We have seen dramatic “change” elections in 2006, 2008 and 2010 and there is no reason to believe that voters will be any more happy about the status quo next year.

Especially not if Congress decides to specialize in taking strong, symbolic stands on budgets that can’t pass and won’t act unless there is a crisis.

Members of Congress can save unresolved issues as talking points to bring to the voters in 2012, but they shouldn’t expect the voters to be happy to hear them.