If your dad is a foodie, you might want to consider the “Eat Like a Man” (Chronicle Books, $30) cookbook from Esquire for Father’s Day.

This testosterone-fueled cookbook has all the recipes you’d expect — braised beef short ribs, creamed spinach (to go with your pepper-crusted strip steaks) and spaghetti carbonara — plus lots of bonus info that guys need to know.

There’s a “Five-Minute Guide to Oysters,” a section on “Five Essential Cocktails,” a list of “Things a Man Should Know About Grilling” (“don’t forget that skewers get hot”), and advice on everything from cheese to cocktail snacks.

If Dad’s on a diet, this book might be too much temptation. The French Toast BLT looks like an irresistible artery clogger, and there oughtta be a law against giving any man his own recipe for duck-fat potatoes.

“Eat Like a Man” also has plenty of entertaining Q and A’s with the likes of Mario Batali and Thomas Keller. Even Julia Child gets in on the act, offering up this guy-friendly advice: “If you’re alone in the kitchen and you drop the lamb, you can always just pick it up. Who’s going to know?”