Meet The Vanityites, a new Portland band that turned endearing the moment it dropped the words “noise complaint.”

It’s kind of like those time-lapse “Planet Earth” videos of newborn butterflies, with lead singer Chris Moulton bounding around his living room pouring his guts out as The Vanityites rock and rage against the chrysalis walls of whiny neighbors. The brash sextet is not shy about its substantive lyrical content either, ranging from imaginary sinners to boozehound historical figures.

With the new single “I Am the Liquor” blowing up around town, keep your eyes peeled for this bombastic crew on marquees along Congress Street, and get your first taste when The Vanityites support The Mallett Brothers at Empire Dine & Dance on June 10.

GO got Moulton to answer some pressing questions. 

OK, The Vanityites are one of 10 amazing bands playing in Portland on a hot July Friday. Why should a local music fan give you guys his ears for the night?

You’d want to see our show, because we’re always bound to do something loopy or stupid. You’d want to see us because it’s always some grandiose gesture filled with ego and loud guitars. 

What themes do you guys keep coming back to in your songwriting?

The themes we explore are typically what we see in our everyday lives. Subjects ranging from alcoholism to discussing how F. Scott Fitzgerald represented his wife in “The Great Gatsby.” We also keep returning to our own idea about a character we created based on the idea of some long-lost “original” sinner called Lillith. 

Are there shows on the horizon that the band is especially excited about?

We’re really excited for our June 10 show at Empire Dine & Dance supporting The Mallett Brothers on their tour kickoff. Other than that, we’re plugging away at putting this EP out and hoping for some shows this summer. 

What does the EP sound like, and when does it drop?

The EP, “Once Again to Lillith,” sounds really clear and crisp. We were able to capture some really good performances from each other. We were able to try out ideas for fun extra instruments. We were even in a drum circle at one point! (Don’t worry, I think it got the kibosh!) 

Why has producer Jonathan Wyman been so important to the band’s evolving sound?

We’re super-grateful to Jonathan for all the hard work he did on the album, despite the fact that I’m sure we were enormously annoying at times. One thing I love about the way Jonathan works is how encouraging he is. When he gets excited about a part, his whole face lights up, and you know you’ve done a good take. Jonathan was also willing to try out any idea we had, no matter what! 

Who do The Vanityites count as major influences, both locally and worldwide?

I count the band Harvey Danger as an integral influence. Other stuff we’ve been influenced by include Smog, Elliott Smith. The Brian Jonestown Massacre is another band favorite. Obviously, Radiohead, Sub.bionic and Tom Waits. 

What’s the hardest part of starting a band?

Well, we practice in my living room with no microphone and me just running around hollering. I would say the hardest part about starting a band would be getting everyone together for a rehearsal or show, since some of us don’t see each other during the week that often, with work schedules and everything. Once we start rehearsing, we move everything around in my apartment and try not to disturb the neighbors. We’re a loud band, and we get noise complaints quite a bit. 

Mike Olcott is a freelance writer who lives in Portland and Boston.