PINKHAM NOTCH, N.H. — Organizers of annual bicycle races up New Hampshire’s Mount Washington say they’ve voided records set by two competitors following their admission that they used performance-enhancing drugs.

The records had belonged to Tyler Hamilton and Genevieve Jeanson.

Hamilton’s time in the 2006 Bicycle Hillclimb was a record for men ages 35 to 39. He had ridden up the nearly 8-mile course in 52 minutes, 21 seconds. The new record-holder for that group is Mike Engleman, who finished at 53:53 in 1997.

Jeanson set the women’s open record in 2002 at 54:02. That record now belongs to Jeanie Longo of France, who completed the course in 58:14 in 2000.

Race director Mary Power says the organization is respecting the rulings of national and international cycling federations.