U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner is, we must conclude, a creep.

He is, a case can be made, a pervert. And he is, by his own admission, a liar. We’re not name-calling here; we’re just reviewing the facts, as startlingly confirmed by Weiner himself during a Monday news conference in New York.

So, given what we know about the New York congressman, and what he has confessed about himself, why is Weiner still a member of Congress? Why hasn’t he resigned?

Why, in fact, hasn’t the top-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives, Minority Leader/ex-Speaker Nancy Pelosi, demanded his resignation?

Pelosi did call for an ethics investigation into Weiner’s conduct. But what’s to investigate? There’s nothing left to unearth about Weiner’s ethics — he doesn’t have any.

He lied to Congress, he lied to the media, and he lied to the American people in an outrageous attempt to cover up his disgusting behavior.

Certainly, the country has no need to learn more about this repulsive twit’s Twitter indiscretions; we’ve already seen too many pictures and heard too many jokes about Weiner’s lewd, crude tweets.

An investigation by the House ethics committee will only keep this annoying story alive for weeks or months, when what Congress and the country really need to do is move on.

Instead of probing Weiner’s social media gaffes, Pelosi and some of her influential fellow Democrats should take him aside and insist that he pack up and slither back to New York.