BATH — Carrie Shaw Day, the former Morse High School music teacher, performed not one, but two piano renditions of the school song, “Blue and The White,” at Saturday’s annual alumni association banquet in Bath.

Her son, James Day, said his 105-year-old mother, performed in front of more than 800 people.
As he wheeled her in front of the piano in Bath Middle School’s gym, Day said his mother looked at him and said, “Now what?”

During her first performance, everyone remain seated, but during the second time through the piece, the audience stood and sang along as she played.

“There were a couple of little hiccups along the way, but no one seemed to care,” Day said. “At the end she received a standing ovation.”

Day is the oldest living almuna of the alumni association, having graduated from Morse High School in 1924. This is the third, consecutive year she has played at the banquet.