Two nights at Space and one night at Slainte is what I’m spouting about this week. But before I delve into that, let me share the idea that burst into my head the day after the Bruins gloriously won the Stanley Cup.

I think it would be a whole mess of fun if Chara teamed up with Charo for, I don’t know, a tour of some sort. Both have international appeal. He was born in Slovakia; she in Spain. He is a giant at 6 feet 9 inches, and she’s barely 5 feet 4 inches. He can shoot a puck at 105 miles per hour. She can play her flamenco guitar almost as fast. His nickname is “The Big Z,” and her catch phrase is “cuchi cuchi.” He’s a five-time NHL All-Star, and she guest-starred on “The Love Boat” eight times. Clearly, they are destined for Vegas. Clearly, I need professional help. Clearly, it’s time to talk about this week’s shows.

The evening is being billed as “The Psychedelic Sounds of Space,” but the three bands performing want you to know it’s a 21st-century event, not a throwback night. That said, Jeff Beam & The Ice Storm of ’98 are back from Brooklyn with ’60s-inspired experimental rock. Their set will be sandwiched between Laminated Cat and The Lucid.

Laminated Cat is from Athens, Ga., and the songs “Aquamarine” and “Red Devils” that I heard at were entirely groovy and consciousness-expanding. Closing out the evening will be The Lucid with a progressive rock sound that will bookend the evening superbly. Underland Productions will be adding to the psychedelic love with artwork and a groovy light show.

The Lucid, Jeff Beam and Laminated Cat. 8:30 p.m. Friday. Space Gallery, 538 Congress St., Portland. $8. Ages 18 and older.

Audrey Ryan has historically been a modern-day one-woman band. She plays drums to add to her live guitar loops, and plays accordion while singing sometimes delightfully quirky and sometimes thoughtfully poignant songs. On her new record “Thick Skin,” Ryan has gone off the deep end in terms of multi-track recording, and the result is a swirling and twirling folky magnum opus. Some songs feature upward of 20 instruments. From wildly orchestral and lush to sweet and dulcet, Ryan does it all, and she gets it done lyrically too. “Trying hard to overcome nostalgia/ The alleyways of my mind left open to wander hotel rooms with pink wallpaper, all-night diners, shag carpet and vinyl,” she sings on “Nostalgia.” Believing is hearing, so venture down the rabbit hole at

And I might add that two bands I’ve been a longtime fan of are also playing tonight, Brown Bird and South China. They are both so ridiculously good that it makes me want to flap my wings with more zeal than the baby sea gulls I’ve been watching from my office window.

Audrey Ryan with Brown Bird and South China. 8:30 p.m. Saturday. Space Gallery, 538 Congress St., Portland. $8. Ages 18 and older.

Singer-songwriter Dan Gilbert of St. Paul, Minn., just released his debut full-length CD, “The Great Recession Goodbye.” He’ll be sharing songs from it on Monday at Slainte. Head to and give a listen. Good stuff.

Dan Gilbert. 7:30 p.m. Monday. Slainte, 24 Preble St., Portland. Free. Ages 21 and older. 828-0900

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