What does your phone/tablet/e-reader/tech device NOT have? What improvements or updates would you like to see?

Technology gets better with each passing year, and gadget lovers are usually impressed with the newer versions of the products they love. As much as we like our tech, there’s always one or two things we wish we could change to get a better product. Take a look at our community’s response about what they’d like to see upgraded, and ask yourself the same question! 

“Not sure if you were hoping for a more app/software answer, but battery power is a HUGE issue for me and my Android. We may break up over it.” — Facebook user Kurtlan Massarsky 

“I’d second the battery power!” — Facebook follower Emma Bouhillette 

“I have an iPhone and an iPad, so the glaring omissions are Flash and the lack of a decent browser.” — Twitter follower PaulFMoss 

“I miss having a keyboard. I have a Droid X, but I’m jealous if my husband’s Droid 2 because of the pull-out keyboard.” — Twitter follower JeanXSkirt 

“I have an iPhone so I miss Flash and the calendar could be better.” — Facebook follower Debbie MacPherson Bazier 

“I think most devices need an email reader like K9 for Android. That keeps me away from iPhone/iPad. It’s got more advanced email features such as notification for new mail in folders for those of us who do server side filtering.” — Facebook user Seth Holmes 

“I wish my Kindle gave me the page number I was on. It gives what percentage of the book you’ve read and a long code that I think corresponds to the image its showing, but neither make it easy to find where you are in the book if you lose your place. There’s also no real way of knowing how long a book is, I can never tell if the story I’m starting is a novella or an epic.” — Facebook user Jon-Michael Foley 

“IPad needs Flash.” — Facebook follower John Stroud 

“A real, fully functional web browser that supports Flash and Java, and maybe Uncharted 3!” — Facebook user Terry McGinnis 

“#NFC so I can pay with my phone …” — Twitter follower ChrisMorse4 

“Halfway decent voice recognition.” –– Twitter follower MattDelman 

“Wireless synching.” — Facebook user Clemence Maurger 

“One that can pay for itself.” — Facebook follower Joe Seely Sr. 

“Cup holders?” — Facebook follower Edward Moran 

“Chainsaw.” — Facebook follower The Maine Gazette