Ashley Hebert finally got over bad boy Bentley on Monday’s episode of “The Bachelorette.”

But it turns out she ticked off some of the other men on the show in the process.

Monday’s episode of the ABC reality show began with Hebert – a 27-year-old Madawaska native – still pining for Bentley. (Last names aren’t used on the show).

Bentley had left the show three episodes ago after making it clear to the camera – but not to Hebert – that he had no intention of ever being in a romance with her.

But Hebert fell hard for him. So at the beginning of the episode, host Chris Harrison was seen telling Hebert he had brought Bentley to Hong Kong – where the episode was filmed – so that she could get some closure.

A few scenes later she was seen in Bentley’s hotel room, determined to find out if the two had a future together. When she couldn’t get any definitive answers, Hebert began to see the Bentley viewers had seen for a month now.

“If you came here just to play me, to leave me wanting you, then mission accomplished. Mission (expletive deleted) accomplished,” Hebert said to him.

Hebert decided not tell the other eight men about her long, drawn-out drama over Bentley right away. First she went on a date with Lucas, an oil field equipment distributor from Texas, then on a group boat-racing date, then on a date with J.P., a construction manager from New York.

She told J.P. about her return engagement with Bentley, and he was gracious.

But then at the cocktail party held near the end of each episode, she told the others.

“In a short period of time I completely fell for him. And I felt like I didn’t get the proper closure with him. He came to Hong Kong and now I feel like I have the proper closure.”

She was greeted with silence for a minute, then questions and judgments.

“You said you put your past relationships behind you,” said Ben, a winemaker from California. “But you didn’t.”

“Why didn’t you do this earlier? Get this closure earlier?” asked Lucas. “This is weird to me. We’re putting a lot on the line.”

“I thought Bentley was done, and now to hear that I’m competing with eight other men instead of seven doesn’t sit well with me,” said Blake, a dentist from South Carolina. “It kind of belittles the time I’ve been here.”

“The last thing I want to do is hurt you guys,” said Hebert, breaking down into tears.

“I felt like you lied to us,” said Mickey, a chef from Cleveland, Ohio. “I don’t see what the hell you saw in that guy. If that in your gut is what you’re looking for, then just send me home.”

Hebert said she’d rather that Mickey leave Hong Kong on his own.

So he did.

Then came the rose ceremony – the time at the end of every two-hour episode when Hebert has to send someone home. She chose Blake.

Six men remain in the running for Hebert’s affections, and a possible marriage. Monday’s episode will be repeated July 4. New episodes will begin airing July 11. The finale is scheduled for Aug. 1.


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