The June 14 Falmouth municipal election results showed us what happens when motivated voters truly get into the political process.

There are some who feel the use of political signs has gone way too far however, this year’s old-style political activities were in part a direct result of this increase in sign usage. I pray that our elected representatives will recognize this fact and not attempt to restrict sign use during these important activities.

The referendum vote on the Lunt and Plummer-Motz school reuse failed. The term mandate is being kicked around by both sides of the issue. The fact is the electorate said no to the proposal and that means it is time to move on.

Several candidates who supported Question 1 were elected. This fact should be recognized as meaning those who cast votes for these candidates may not have been in favor of the reuse referendum.

Perhaps the most important conclusion of the election results is that we need to pay attention to each other. The most important lesson for our representatives is to never forget that you were elected to represent the best interests of all of Falmouth. Those elected to represent us must put aside personal wishes and decide if a project is fully in the best interest of the residents and taxpayers of Falmouth.

Falmouth politics is finally moving back to the people.

Bill Lunt