A Cumberland County Jail corrections officer has been suspended without pay and faces criminal charges of assault following an altercation with an inmate last month.

Sheriff Kevin Joyce held a news conference today to describe the charge against Nicholas Stein, 41, who has worked at the jail for 11 years. Stein is charged with one count of misdemeanor assault.

The alleged victim, a 29-year-old man who was in jail for failing to appear in court to pay fines, had jumped off the second floor railing of the short-term holding section of the jail on June 17. The inmate landed on his feet but collapsed after injuring his legs, Joyce said.

Stein handcuffed him then allegedly dragged him to the door of the pod, Joyce said. While waiting for the pod door to open, Stein allegedly punched the inmate in the face, then dragged him the rest of the way to the medical unit, Joyce said.

Security cameras in the jail recorded him dragging the inmate but not punching him, Joyce said, however, statements from witnesses in the pod support the complaint, which was issued by prosecutors Thursday.

Stein’s lawyer, Michael Cunniff, issued a statement in which Stein denies the allegations and says he was pulling the inmate to the medical unit in an effort to get him swift treatment before being taken to the hospital.

The statement did not address the punch specifically but said sometimes inmates make false accusations that are supported by other inmates as a way to retaliate against officers.