BRUNSWICK — School Department officials have temporarily abandoned the search for a new principal for Brunswick High School after three finalists in a row dropped out.

Superintendent Paul Perzanoski said the department began searching for a principal in the winter and received 11 initial applicants. Once a finalist was selected, the department invited him to Brunswick for a site visit in late April, but the candidate withdrew before the trip.

The department initiated a second round of applications, and narrowed the pool from 13 to two. One finalist withdrew, and Perzanoski was about to nominate the other candidate to the School Board when that candidate dropped out, too.

Perzanoski said he has never had so many candidates withdraw so late in the selection process, and blamed the trend on the bad economy. He said all three finalists expressed concern about moving and being able to sell their homes.

Brunswick High School Assistant Principal Donna Borowick will serve as the interim principal for the 2011-2012 year. Perzanoski said Borowick has no intention of applying for the permanent job, and the department will begin the search again next winter.

The department is now seeking an assistant principal to replace Borowick, he said.

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