PORTLAND — The jury in the murder trial of 25-year-old Daudoit Butsitsi is now free to begin its deliberations.

Butsitsi is accused of fatally shooting 24-year-old Serge Mulongo – a once close friend and his roommate – in an entryway of their Parkside apartment building on Feb. 10, 2010.

The jury began hearing testimony about the case in Cumberland County Superior Court a week ago. Each side presented its closing argument earlier today.

The prosecution is arguing that Butsitsi armed himself and ambushed Mulongo as he was leaving the buidling in retaliation. The two men had fought, including twice the day before the shooting.

The defense contends that Butsitsi had decided to leave their relationship behind and that he brought the gun for protection when he went to the apartment to retrieve his belongings. Butsitsi testified that he fired the gun when he saw a gun in Mulongo’s hand. Police did not find a gun on Mulongo’s body but he did have a glass pipe in his left hand.

If the jury determines that Butsitsi is not guilty of murder, they must then consider whether he is guilty of manslaughter.