Update 3:38 p.m.

FRYEBURG — Unusually strong crosswinds likely caused a small plane to crash earlier today at Eastern Slopes Regional Airport, according to Police Chief Philip Weymouth.

Laurence Ketner of Norway was attempting to land his Husky bush plane when winds coming from different directions lifted the aircraft and dropped it in a nearby grassy area, Weymouth said.

“It was his second attempt and he decided to go ahead with it,” Weymouth said. “He was over the landing strip. The wind picked him up and spun him around and drove the front end into a ditch.”

Ketner was flying alone and reported no injuries.

“The only thing hurt was his pride,” Weymouth said.

The crash damaged the plane’s nose, propeller, undercarriage, wheels and wings.

Weymouth notified the Federal Aviation Administration to investigate further.

1:36 p.m.

FRYEBURG — A plane crashed shortly after noon today near the runway at Eastern Slopes Slopes Regional Airport.

No injuries were reported, according to an Oxford County dispatcher. Fryeburg police responded and have cleared the scene.

It’s unclear whether the plane was taking off or landing. The cause and other details were unavailable.