PORTLAND — For the second time in two years, the U.S. post office at 622 Congress St. is being threatened with closure.

The Station A office and the Cliff Island post office could be closed next year, according to the U.S. Postal Service, which on Tuesday released a list of 34 possible closures in Maine.

The closures are being considered as a way for the USPS to save upwards of $200 million by closing up to 3,700 of its 37,000 offices nationwide.

U.S. Sen Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, said in a statement that she intends to monitor the possible closures to ensure the USPS works with local communities to ensure convenient access to postal services. 

“Financial challenges faced by the USPS should not preclude the preservation of universal postal service and convenient community access,” Snowe said. “It is critical we carefully assess the potential impact of these proposed closures, especially as it relates to service in rural communities.”

The USPS considered closing Station A in 2009, but employees and patrons actively opposed the cost-cutting measure. At the time, it was the only office slated for closure in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

The USPS later relented and decided to keep the office open.

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