PORTLAND – The Wendameen, a chartered two-masted schooner, has run aground off Great Diamond Island, the Coast Guard said.

No one was injured when the sailboat ran aground off the north side of the island just before low tide today, which was at 4:36 p.m., said Lt. Nick Barrow of the Coast Guard.

He said a Coast Guard rescue boat and the Portland fire boat were on the scene and the 49 passengers were being removed from the vessel. Barrow said it was likely that the boat will refloat as the tide comes back in, and with winds relatively light and low seas there doesn’t appear to be any imminent danger.

He also said the crew reported that they were not taking on water.

In addition to the rescue personnel, harbor masters from Portland and Falmouth were on the scene, as was a casualty inspector for the Coast Guard. Incidents involving commercial vessels are automatically investigated, Barrow said, and can result in fines, warnings or a requirement that the commercial master retake classes.

The Wendameen ran aground less than two months ago off Fort Gorges, Barrow said, hitting a charted wreck on June 4. He said that incident is still under investigation.

The ship is owned by the Portland Schooner Co. According to the company’s website, the Wendameen is 88 feet long and was designed by John Alden. It was built in East Boothbay and launched in 1912.