FALMOUTH — The town’s fire department responded to four separate reports of lightning strikes, including one at a church, during a powerful thunderstorm that moved through the region this afternoon.

Despite the flurry of calls no persons were injured or homes seriously damaged by the storm.

The most serious call came when the occupants of a home on Cedarwood Drive reported hearing a large boom followed by a loss of power. Smoke was also seen emanating from an electrical outlet in their garage.

Fire Chief Howard Rice Jr. said a tree in the property’s backyard was hit by lightning. A large hole was found next to the tree. Rice said it appears that an invisible dog fence carried the lightning to the garage where it shorted out the home’s electrical supply.

Rice said the first call came in at 1:36 p.m. after lightning reportedly struck the Foreside Community Church at 340 Foreside Road.

A neighbor reported hearing a large clap of thunder followed by an explosion that set off the church’s fire alarm, but firefighters could find no evidence of any damage to the church.

Lightning strikes were also reported at a home on Woodlands Road and at the Public Works Building on Woods Road.